Report Abuse She is a great teacher. Why?

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Report Abuse She is a great teacher. Why?

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Shocked She is a great teacher. Why?

Royal1688 A new fun channel that comes with online casino games that come with tracking and presenting interesting and up-to-date news. And on February 21, 61 of the past. Police Officer Chonburi Police have been notified that a spat on the nunnery. A temple in Bang Sai district, Muang district, Chonburi. By this incident, the nuns were injured. The staff went to investigate the scene.

And the scene is nunnery. Located on the hill. The staff found that. She is 54 years old and is a nun who has been ordained for only three days. She is in a panic. She is said to have been a nun, Arun Nattha, 60 years old. For more than 13 years, pattaya hit the body hurt. While they are sitting praying in front of the Buddha statue in this.

And why are they physically abused? He went to knock on the door at the nun's room. The music player is very loud. I can not pray by saying "dimmer? I am sitting praying. "For more details and progress of this news, you can follow up on the website. Royal1688
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