Must kaardivägi

  • You want real bodyguards for your character?
  • Need a transporter who is worth his price?
  • Need force for a coup or in order to avoid one?
  • Or you have a situation where there is a lack of warriors, guards, mercenaries, bandits, inquisitors, bounty hunters or similar characters?

Regardless whether you are a player or GM, VG black guard is glad to negotiate with you.


VG’s Black Guard is small company of experienced fighters and role players who have access to VG’s full equipment (and if needed manpower).

Black Guards are out of game, role-play mercenaries. We are, in certain conditions, happy to support your in-game ambition in games with various themes and settings.


Very important principles

  • Black Guard NEVER fights against each other. We only agree to participate all together in the same side/ camp.
  • We cannot guarantee any results. No matter what you wish to achieve, larp is interactive entertainment that is a collaboration of both players and game masters. If required, we are happy to consult our “clients” how we think the objective could be best achieved but there is always a possibility of failure. We will not be breaking any game rules, metagame or start conflicts with game organizers in order for you to win!


Out of game expenses

Since every game and every offer is UNIQUE, there is no point in drawing out tables or categories. Depending how tedious the endeavor promises to be (and whether it could have or you could offer some extra value) it might be necessary for you to cover the expenses for us (participation fee, transportation, equipment). On the other hand, usually we will take care of all the out of game expenses ourselves.


Ingame expenses

It does not matter what kind of agreement we will make out of game of what kind of roles we will be playing, we expect some kind of collective reward in game. Even if the larp does not have money or it is “virtual” (there are no physical coins), we expect something real for our services (if might be free meal and a drink or some cool artifact etc.). Come up with something.

The payment will be according to the agreement and depends on manpower, amount of equipment needed and the complexity of the assignment. It is up to you what kind of reasoning there is for the payment in game. It might be simple payment, or a bribe, a blackmail etc. You have to take account that payment’s (relative) scale, importance and nature will have influence on our activities.
If you wish, we could leave negotiations over the payment in game. In that case, you have to consider the risks that we might get a better offer. Or we may not reach an agreement and find another patron. You might leave it like that if you are game master and you want to have mercenaries for hire in your game.)

Of course, we will return items (if not consumables) we received as in game payment after the game. It is part of roleplaying, not real payment.



If you want “to hire” the guards, you should contact us via email info-ä and come to an agreement about covering/sharing out of game expenses, scale of the in game payment and the specifics of the assignment. If you are thinking about hiring us, we encourage you to contact us for sure – in the end we are first and foremost players and we want to play.

How to join