Although many VG members are individually active in many different role playing games and VG organizes events and meetings for its members frequently, there are still some public events that the club generally attends collectively and on a regular basis.


VG visits following annual events regularly:


Events that VG certainly (“officially”) visits are “compulsory” for all the members of the VG. It means that if you are member of the VG and you plan to attend the event, you have to participate with VG. Exceptions are possible but they are not recommended and have to be agreed upon beforehand.

The aim of this requirement is not to limit anyone’s role playing abilities as there are only few games visited officially and on all the other events everyone can play who and what they want. VG is still a larp club and those events are only real output for our collective actives.
Participating with us on those games (assuming you can attend, of course) is minimal required contribution for club activities. If you cannot motivate yourself to participate with us on those few occasion, it might be time for you to move on and continue on yourself or with some other group.


VG has participated or participates often in following annual events:


Events where we participate irregularly are not generally compulsory for VG members. If VG does not participate officially (with their own notation) it is up for everyone who wishes to participate to choose how they wish to do that. VG’s joint equipment can be used only with permission from VG’s council when participating on your own or without VG’s official engagement.

If VG is participating in the event as a club it is strongly recommended that you, as member of the VG, participate with the club. It helps to strengthen the bonds within the organization and avoid needless tensions. As it is not compulsory to attend irregular events as part of VG, from experience, following rule has been determine: :
If VG participates in an event and you still decide to be on the opposite side, you do not fight directly with other VG members or against them. On the battlefield both sides try to choose non-VG members as their opponents and out-of-game knowledge about other side’s thinking and behaviors are not used. This rule applies for both “official” VG side and to you.

That rule does not expand to games where VG does not participate officially. Being member of club could be but does not have to be taken account outside club activities.


In addition to those traditional events, we are glad to participate in all the other projects and games, according to the situation and agreements.

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